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Welcome to The Old School House - and leave your homework at home

Pay attention at the back, settle down and keep your eyes on your own work. The former Woodside School is no longer the responsibility of the School Board of Glasgow, but as The Old School House, it has kept a touch of the same flavour. A sign tells you that 'weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character', there are big sinks and old-fashioned tiles in the 'little boys' room' and, on the walls, there are framed photographs of the end-of-term play. But now the playground, with its great glass canopy, is a popular beer garden, the tottering piles of schoolbooks are part of the bar and the spacious interior attracts a lively crowd at all times - even after the bell has gone.

Opening times

Mon-Sun: 11am-12am


Food Service Times


Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm


Working for Belhaven can be many things to many people – for some it may be a fun job in a stimulating environment with great colleagues, for others it may be more about a career with a respected employer who offers exciting prospects. Whatever you’re looking for, we may have just the role to suit you. All our senior management team have a history of working behind bars long before moving into their current roles and indeed we run a bespoke course to help develop assistant managers into our managers of the future. So why not apply today? It might just be the best move you make!

Get in touch: oldschoolhouse.Glasgow@belhavenpubs.net